Road Safety Videos

Here are few helpful video clips to help you with your driving:

Advice on meeting Emergency Vehicles:

Proof that you cannot text and drive at the same time:

Other people make mistakes - slow down:

Why regular Mirror checks are essential when driving:

Motorcycle awareness:

Excellent video showing the need to look out for motorcycles at junctions:

Licence to kill - A hard-hitting BBC programme highlighting the dangers of speed (Drive iQ):

Driving In Snow:

Shows a lorry turning left. The lesson is to give lorries plenty of space, if they are on your right:

Railway Level Crossing dangers illustrated by Jeremy Clarkson:

The story behind Poynton's "Shared Space" scheme:

DriveCam is a video recording system in USA which records the driver and the road, if sudden braking or change of position takes place.  This short collection of videos highlights the dangers of distractions:

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