Dyslexia & Dyspraxia

I have undertaken specialist training to help learners with conditions such as Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.   My teaching style will be adapted to suit your own individual needs, and I have proven experience in helping such pupils learn to drive, and succeed with both their theory and practical tests.

I have helped people with the following conditions pass their driving test:

·       Dyslexia

·       Dyspraxia

·       Autism

·       ADHD

·       Aspergers

·       Irlen’s Syndrome

·       Diabetes

Dyslexia Dyspraxia

Options may involve breaking the lesson subjects into simple logical routines, that through repeated practice will build your confidence.  I am very patient, and I speak in a clear manner, give directions in plenty of time.  I have a number of methods to help you with your "left" and "right".

In my car I use the latest visual and animated teaching aids (shown on left), and I have demonstrations of the “Show Me Tell Me” vehicle safety questions on video, as a visual approach helps many pupils.   

Theory test:

The system has the option for dyslexic candidates to listen to the test being read in English through a headset.

Dyslexic candidates can also apply to have up to double the standard 57 minutes.  In practice very few candidates find that they need extra time, as the standard time is generous.  However, some candidates may benefit from the reassurance of having extra time, even if it is not used.  In order to book extra time you will need to provide evidence of dyslexic difficulties.

Some people with dyslexia may have significant difficulties with comprehension, and need someone to explain the question in a different way, known as an Oral Language Modifier.

You need to request any special arrangements on the online form when you apply for the test.

Contact Customer Care on Tel: 0300 200 1122

Email: theorycustomerservices@dvsa.gov.uk

Practical test:

You would be entitled to ask for accommodations which would help you personally, such as the examiner indicating left and right with hand gestures, or saying “my side” and “your side", rather than relying solely on left/right verbal instructions.

For the Independent Drive section of the test, you could be asked to follow directions using a satnav, or follow a series of road signs.  I use exactly the same model of satnav as the driving test examiners, and this can be altered to change the colour, contrast and volume.  If necessary on the day of your test we can arrive a few minutes earlier and give the examiner a written list of alterations.  

If you are following road signs, you may request the examiner to either show diagrams of the route to follow, or follow road signs to a specific location.  Your preference can be determined during your lessons with me.

If you become stressed, you could ask for the test to be stopped for a few minutes, while you regain your composure.

Click here for information on driving tests from the British Dyslexia Association.

Please phone me on 07970 282 434, or send a message through my contact page for further information.  

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