Refresher lessons

Refresher Lessons

Do you struggle with busy junctions, roundabouts, hills or car parking?  Perhaps you would like a "Driving MOT"?  Or maybe you haven’t driven for some time, and want to start again?

I am patient, and specialise in “refresher” lessons. 

I will tailor your lessons to exactly what you want; e.g. help with roundabouts, driving in particular towns, reversing, country lanes or motorways.

If you haven’t driven for a while, we’ll start off in a quiet area, and get used to being back in the car.  We will practice moving off and stopping, and then we’ll deal with simple junctions.

We will always drive at your pace - and won’t move on to a new area, or busier roads until you feel comfortable to do so.

Contact me today, and get the confidence you need to get back in the car.  Don’t worry any longer about waiting for public transport or relying on lifts.

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