Driving lessons Chelford

Chelford Driving Lessons

Learn to drive in Chelford, with first class tuition, in a new VW Polo.  Call me now and your first 2 hour lesson is half price, with free theory training.

For beginners, driving lessons in Chelford will start by learning about the car, how to move off and stop safely, hill starts, emergency stops, and deal with a variety of junctions.  We will use quiet housing estates for these initial lessons, as this will allow you to learn the basics on real roads, but without the distractions of heavy traffic. 

Once you have built up confidence with these roads, we will learn to drive around roundabouts, including the Shell roundabout, pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

Getting out of the village, driving lessons in Chelford will move on to national speed limit roads such as the A34 Alderley Edge bypass with its roundabouts and slip-roads, and country roads near Mobberley and Knutsford.

Reversing will be introduced gradually throughout your driving lessons.  You will learn to complete a Parallel Park, Pulling up on the Right and Reversing, Reversing into a Parking Bay, & Driving Forwards into a Parking Bay and Reversing out.

If you’re already partly-trained I will quickly assess your driving ability, and then we will choose the types of road and places that will benefit you.

Most people having driving lessons in Chelford choose to take their driving test at Macclesfield Test Centre.

Throughout your driving lessons I will be patient whilst you learn new skills. Also by using my coaching techniques I will help you progress at your speed to help you achieve the freedom and independence of being able to drive.

Call me now on:  07970 282 434

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